What if I told you that you don't need to chase clients anymore?

What if you could attract all your dream clients...

...without being one of those desperate ‘throw up all over your social feed and buy my stuff’ zombies 🧟...

...without needing to have a large following or throwing $$$ on expensive ads that nobody cares to see?

What if you never needed to worry about where your next client will come from?

What if all your dream clients were lining up ready to pay whatever you wanted to be able to work with you?

Seems to good to be true?

Well, my fellow impactful entrepreneur… my name is Daniel Gefen and I am living proof that it IS possible.

You see... I started out totally broke with absolutely ZERO followers, no email list and completely invisible online
(if you typed my name into Google I didn't exist)

I still remember the phone call that changed my life…

It was a podcast host inviting me to be on their show. 
I’ll never forget my response to them …

“what the heck is a podcast?!"

That gives you an idea of how much I knew about podcasting 🤣

To cut a long story short … 

In less than 2 years ...

I went from being a 'spectator in the shadows' to becoming an international bestselling author and top 100 ranked podcast host - interviewing billionaires and world class leaders, which led to me launching one of the most successful podcast booking agencies in the world and partnering with the biggest book publisher on the planet (Harper Collins)...

... all just from being a guest on other people’s podcasts!

Ok that was a real big ego brag … but I wanted to give you some context of why you can trust me and believe me when I tell you I can help you. 

Now back to You

I'm guessing you're someone who really believes you can transform the lives of your clients and if only you got their attention for long enough you would be able to convince them to work with you

Am I right?

Well lemme let you in on something that will change everything you have been doing up until now…

The average attention span today is around 6 seconds
(that’s 1 second less than a goldfish 🐠).

Suzie is sitting on the toilet mindlessly scrolling through her social feed till her thighs go numb (Don’t you hate when that happens?)

how likely is she to buy from you when she’s in passive zombie mode?

It’s exhausting grinding out more and more content and Facebook 'likes' don’t pay the bills.

But check this out …

85% of podcast listeners listen to podcasts from start to finish and the average episode is 45 minutes long! 

45 minutes of undivided focused attention.

People who listen to podcasts are growth minded people.
They are choosing to listen to a podcast over their favorite songs.

They are invested in their personal growth.

They are in a pro-active state not a reactive state.

They are fully engaged.

Attention plus Engagement is what causes people to take action.

That’s why people who hear you on a podcast are more likely to buy.
So stop wasting time trying to grab people’s attention when their mind (and thighs) are numb. 

If you enroll in my program AND you put in the work I can guarantee it will be the best investment you make in yourself this year.

BUT if you're one of those excuse making types then I suggest you go back to the Facebook feed and join the mind numbing scrollers looking for the magic key that will open the treasure trove.

If you’re still not convinced that being a guest on the right podcasts is the best use of your time lemme share a few quick soundbites from some friends of mine … 

"My company generated over $13 Million in one year directly from podcast guesting!"

 - Nathan Hirsch


"I landed a TED talk that got over 3.5 million views after doing a podcast guest tour"

 - Eli Nash


"I made $190,000 from one guest appearance. $30,000 from another one and about $16,000 from another..."

 - Steven Sisler


"Being a guest on targeted podcasts sold more books than being featured on national TV, Radio, major publications and running expensive social media campaigns. I also raised my speaking fees from $5000 to $25000 and landed a Billion dollar client directly from podcast appearances..."

 - John Ruhlin


Maybe those are some tasty testimonials but you're still plagued with some doubts...

...there are almost 3 million podcasts!

😕 How do I find the right ones? 

😕 How do I get accepted on the BIGGER shows? 

😕 How do I convert the listeners into buyers?

😕 How do I (insert your preferred question here)?

I’m so glad you asked 😀

That’s why I created a program JUST FOR YOU that will show you the exact step by step process that I have used over the last 7 years to get myself and my clients booked as guests on the top 100 ranked podcasts

Here’s just some of the game changing principles you will learn (and hopefully apply) in the program:

You will know how to ...

🔥 Stop playing small and get booked on the BIG podcasts (Yes, even Joe Rogan … one day 🙃

🔥 Use the ‘Hollywood Hero Method’ to “tease” top rated hosts into saying yes to having you on their show

🔥 Convert passively interested podcast listeners into “shut-up-and-take-my-money” buyers

🔥 Stop chasing cold leads like a desperate beggar throwing up all over their social feed and gain respect from your dream clients willing to pay you what your worth

🔥 'Flip' cold prospects into piping hot ready-to-whip-out-their-wallet leads by storyselling on podcasts

🔥 Avoid wading through almost 3 million podcasts (everyone and their mother has a podcast these days!) and quickly discover the quality ones that your ideal clients are already listening to.

🔥 Discover the secret subject line tip that gets almost every host to open your emails (this trick will surprise you)

🔥 Use An almost "fool proof" email template that escapes the dark dingy spam folders where over 96% of podcast pitches end up (let’s take a moment to mourn for all those poor podcast pitches …)

🔥 Use this super slick strategy to slip past peoples' sales defenses. (They won't even realize they're listening to a pitch)

🔥 Apply the Matrix Method to becoming the world's most recognized leading authority in your industry

🔥 Turn Podcast Appearances into Free Cash Machines (it will feel like creating your own bank where you can legally print your own money) 

🔥 And more...

The Training Includes...

✔️ Video Lessons with Step by Step Instructions to Help You Land Big Podcasts

✔️ Checklists, Templates, Action Steps and other Resources

✔️ LIVE feedback in the Private Facebook Group

✔️ Ongoing Support Via Email

Ok so how much is all this gonna cost me?

Let's talk numbers for a sec ...

How much would you be willing to pay to be able consistently attract your dream clients without spending any money on ads or spamming people?

How much do you think would be a 'fair' price to learn the exact methods I use that my agency clients pay me $7300 for?

How much do you think investing in your future self is worth?

Well the truth is my biz mentor thinks I should charge at least $1000

But I prefer to make it more affordable and help more people.

So I decided to charge just $497

BUT I also like to reward the people who come early and take action right away ...

So if you enroll today you'll
pay just $197 (price goes up to $497 if you decide to wait till your logical side of the brain catches up with your emotional side)

You could just spend the money on those daily overpriced coffees and the Netflix binge machine or you can step out of your comfy cozy social media induced coma and take the next step your future self will thank you for.

And in case you're one of those risk averse types … (I’m more of the YOLO kinda guys) then you have a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like the look of my video presenting skills.

Either way thank you for coming to the bottom of this page I wrote while listening to Irish Piano.

I really hope you make the right choice and enroll in the program IF (and only if) you believe you are ready to grow out of your comfort zone and step into the greater version you know you can become.

Limited Discount Offer

(price will increase to $497)

'Sold 30,000 book copies in 90 days'

Anik Singal - Founder, Lurn.com